Tewa Tees


Betty Tsosie from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico is the founder, supervising designer and inspiration behind TEWA TEES. Her main emphasis has been to develop a line of Native American art from various tribes and regions of the United States. Tewa Tees offers the best selection of wearable art that represents the diverse aspects of North American Indian culture. We are proud to produce all of these items in our passive solar print shop that is powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Red Dirt Tee Shirt


The business began on Sept. 11, 1992, after Hurricane Iniki hit a screen-print T-shirt business on the Hawaiian island of Kauai and stained shirts with red dirt. The owner liked the effect and started dirt-dyeing shirts.

Williams, who graduated from Cedar Falls High School in 1972, had dabbled in different business ventures until beginning a T-shirt company in 1985. In the late 1990s, he began traveling to Hawaii, where he met the owner of the Original Red Dirt Shirt. He later became a major owner and now has a facility in Mesa, Ariz., in addition to a manufacturing plant and retail store in Eleele, Kaui. The dyeing process involves putting white T-shirts in washing machines, shoveling in red dirt containing oxidized iron and adding vinegar. After the shirts are dyed, they have designs printed on them.

In 2009, the Discovery Channel featured Williams’ business on “Dirty Jobs.” Host Mike Rowe traveled to Hawaii to learn about the dirt-dyeing and screen-printing process.

Universal Ironworks


Looking for a souvenir or some funky home décor that’s made in the USA? Universal Ironworks is a family owned business in Prescott, Arizona since 2001. Their motto is “we farm metal”! They have created a line of ornaments, magnets, wall art, yard art, and home décor such as frames, salt and pepper holders, napkin holders, etc. All are made from metal with a rusty patina.


YARDBIRDS® Including Junkyard Dogs & Cats

Their unique garden art sculptures are sure to catch your eye. Designed by a Kentucky artist, these metal sculptures have a rich, natural patina and a distinctive appearance. They offer dogs, cats, birds, frogs, critters, mammals, feeders, pot holders, coat racks, leash/key holders, wine holders and wall decor. Placed outdoors, the bare metal characters will naturally rust, resulting in a beautiful weathered finish.

Yardbirds® including Junkyard™ Dogs & Cats are made from recycled or rejected garden tools, bicycles, car parts and farm machinery parts. The copyright/trademark look of each design sign gives each piece a whimsical, inquisitive expression. Each whimsical sculpture is handmade and imaginatively designed using various metal parts including trowels, shovel backs, post hole diggers, garden edgers, leaf rakes, bicycle forks, rebar, rocker arms, wheels, bicycle seats, etc.

License Plate Signs


In the words of Levi Koenen, "I started my recycled art business with the idea of recycling and creating art that I believed people could enjoy. My two sisters own Pop-Cycle, an art store in Tucson, AZ that caters to recycled art. The store consists of many local and foreign artists that make their art from recycled or sustainable goods. As an artist I find it vital to support many types of artists in their endeavors. They use their medium as an expression of feeling and dedication to providing positive and inspiring products for all to see. Without art our world would be a very unimaginative and boring place.

I wanted to have a part in what they are doing so after a brainstorm session with my sisters this was what we developed. I have since refined the original idea and have expanded into other realms as well. I am always developing new ideas so that I may provide many choices for others to enjoy.

My art has been a great outlet for me and has allowed me to focus on a quality product at reasonable prices. All my artwork is made by hand out of recycled license plates. I have plates from many different decades as well as from many different states. I am dedicated to producing my artwork with standards that have allowed me to be successful in many areas of my career such as teaching, juvenile detention and small business owner.

I pride myself in quality over quantity because each piece is cut by hand, filed and tested before I place the item for sale. This ensures that you, the consumer will be getting a piece that is durable, functional and artistic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recycling and taking an active role in protecting our future through my art is very important to me. My family and I have been involved with projects to save the planet for over a decade. I feel very strongly that we can help save our environment with every can, plastic bottle and many other items that we recycle. I hope that many of you feel the same way and can appreciate the dedication it takes from us all to make a difference."

Double-sided Reversible Pendants and Earrings

Double-sided Reversible PENDANTS and EARRINGS

From an early age Marinna MacMinn dreamed she would someday become an artist. Or rather, be lucky enough to make art for a living. Her double-sided reversible pendants and earrings and her wall art featuring artistic and vintage images are the realization of that dream. Growing up an only child provided the opportunity to focus on her creativity. “I like to make things that can be cherished and shared with someone as tokens of love”. Marinna lives and creates in northern Arizona with her cat, “Chickadee”.