Marvin Jim, Navajo Folk Art Carver

Marvin Jim

The artist was born in 1966 and raised near Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo reservation. He married Grace Begay in 1993. He is from a very artistic family and began making his own homemade toys as a young boy. That creativity has developed into a living for Marvin making Navajo folk art carvings. Marvin creates fun, whimsical and innovative carvings of animals with significance in Navajo Culture. Marvin has also shared his knowledge and skill by teaching.

Ray  Lansing, Navajo Art Carver

Ray Lansing

Ray is the relative of Navajo Folk artist Marvin Jim. Ray learned to create Navajo Folk Art from Marvin. Ray carves whimsical and fun animals that are significant in Navajo culture. He is from the four corners area of the Navajo Reservation.